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Non Authorized Martin Logan Dealers
http://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/1522053-retailer-feedback-www-designeraudiovideo-com-any-g...Read "adrummingdude" comment at the bottom of page 1 
W4S or Bryston
 I have had the SST line in a few models. It is a little rougher on the higher frequencies. I would opt for the SST2. The new cube version is supposed to be even more smoother on the higher frequencies. 
KEF Reference 3 Placed in Small Room
Thanks this info is invaluable. Getting funds together with a second job. Going to be fun in 2018 finally buying some audio gear. 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
I assume you can advertise your wares here but if it is not audio related you may not get much feedback.  
Dealers hijacking the discussions
Hey who is the "us" that want the dealers to leave A’Gon. The "me" finds their contributions invaluable. I consider these dealers to have more knowledge than me for the most part. That does not mean I will agree with everything. For example, there... 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
I would like a dealer section for posting new threads. This is so I do not have to weed through the non-dealer posts. 
KEF Reference 207/2s, 3s, or Blade 2s
"I am not surprised the Blades are heavily discounted - not a successful product in my mind". This is quite a great bit of news for me. I want to get some new Blades and a discount will suit me fine. 
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?
Chrisr,The top end of the LS50 is detailed and just a revelation to me. I have wrote on here many time at how much I prefer the top end of the LS50 over the top end of my previous speaker, Revel Salon 1 (a $20K speaker). You need to lower your exp... 
KEF Reference 207/2s, 3s, or Blade 2s
David_len,Do you men discounted when purchased new or used on A'Gon? 
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?
You did not mention price or room size, only sound quality, so I am recommending the KEF Reference 1 bookshelf. There is one available today on A’Gon for about $6K used. It is a great stand mount speaker. Read the soundstage.com review it reads li... 
Magico S5 vs KEF Blade 2 vs TAD Evo One vs YG Kipod II Sig w/pwr bass
Fsmithjack,You may find this interesting. Talks about the Blade and KEF's answer to people who do not like the look.https://www.stereophile.com/content/kef-reference-5-loudspeaker 
Magico S5 vs KEF Blade 2 vs TAD Evo One vs YG Kipod II Sig w/pwr bass
Normie57,How much space do you have between the speaker and side wall? Did you get room treatments? The side firing drivers always concern me when I look at potential rooms to place my future Blades. 
Is this an ugly speaker? TAS cover 10/2017
I was at a Wilson Audio event in Southern California. The dealer was playing the most expensive Wilson speaker (do not remember the model #). The sound was good but as usual with Wilson’s I thought the sweet spot was too small for my tastes. I had... 
Speakers (KEF/Wharfedale/Axiom/ELAC) for my First Budget Setup with Wyred4Sound mINT
I would have got the KEF LS50 wireless (active version) and ditch the integrated. You only need a computer to use these speakers. However, this depends on your room size (can add a sub to this speaker). The beauty of this speaker is that you can e... 
Yamaha NS 5000
I read that review. I do not understand why they have not hit the US or Canada yet.