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Looks like Tidal is doomed!
@hgeifman  If you have ROON with Tidal integration you can just backup the ROON catalogue. I asked the ROON guys about this a few years ago and they said the TIDAL track\ names would also be saved in the backup. 
Pretty confusing with this show and next weeks show being cancelled. I had no clue a show was being held in S. Cal.this weekend.  I am pretty well informed on the audio goings around this area.  
Which is the best audio magazine?
Likely none meet the criteria you described. However, my favorite audio reviews are on https://www.soundstage.com/ 
T+A elektroakustik HV Series Components
@david_ten I heard the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player and the 3100HV integrated playing at the LA Audio show. They were playing on Wilson speakers and sounded excellent. I was surprised that the room presenter, Sunny Electronics, had the confidence t... 
T+A elektroakustik HV Series Components
@musicfx,Does the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player support a direct connection to the home network via Ethernet. That is can I ditch USB entirely to go Ethernet to connect to a ROON server? I believe the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player is a ROON endpoint now. 
Luxman vs Pass Labs
Awesome feedback Pokey77. You saved me a trip down to Newport.How would you rate the Luxman 900 M/C amp/pre combo vs the best integrated boxes you have heard? 
New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000
I was at an event at Sunny's in Covina, CA where D'Agostino was demoing his new line with Wilson Darth Vader speakers (about 4 years ago). He described how he creates his products. He made it sound like it was all based on hearing and trial and er... 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
@thieliste The guy with the long A'Gon thread on the dozens of amps he is comparing, user Whitecross, mentions the Bel Canto gear, though I think it was the top of the line model. He was very positive on it. 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
@thieliste The lab report has an interesting take on the power.http://files.constantcontact.com/e7f722a0701/c7b75612-04bb-4d7a-9221-0fd0364a6952.pdfJust saw this, https://www.stereophile.com/content/luxman-l-509x-integrated-amplifierStereophle Mea... 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
@audiotroy,The Luxman I referenced is not the AX model you are describing. It is the brand new UBER Luxman integrated, Luxman L-509X. It is supposed to be a mix of the top of the line separates in a single chassis. Similar in goal as the T&A i... 
Best sounding compact integrated amp < $2k?
Peachtree Nova 150 powers my passive KEF LS50's and it sounds excellent.A Hegel integrated, such as the Rost, is a great choice.Powered speakers such as the KEF LS50 would be an excellent choice when space is limited. 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
Since you mentioned 10K as your price point. I would also recommend the Benchmark AHB2 (3K USD each). Buy 2 of them and run in mono block mode. You will also need a preamp. I have one of these amps in my office running in stereo mode and I am seri... 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
Hegel integrated sounded very good with KEF Blade. Should also sound good  with my second favorite speaker, Thiel CS 3.7. The Hegel separates were a little better with the Blades..or the new Luxman integrated would be an interesting choice. It is ... 
Int Amp for Thiel CS 3.7
Such great speakers. A shame to use an integrated instead of a stereo amp or mono blocks. 
Mono Blocks on a Budget, is it possible?
@mulveling A pair of Benchmark AHB2 amps (380 watts mono) are 8" x 11" x 3" each and weigh about 10 lbs. They are also the quietest amps you are likely to find (check the specs). They are NOT class D, Unfortunately, these are $3K new and about $2K...