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Shipping heavy speakers
I shipped my Revel Salon1 with BaxGlobal. Bax was great. 
Ideas on amp for Thiel
I was hoping to get the CS 3.7 for a long time but I never had the room. However, during that time I contacted Gary Dayton at Thiel and also James Tanner at Bryston about powering the CS 3.7. My favorite review on the CS 3.7 was done by Bryston VP... 
Magico A3
@nitewulf The source is a PC running ROON  + TIDAL. Bits are delivered by USB-to-Ethernet, using a Sonare microRendu.I have 2 systems connected to this PC in 2 different rooms. I also use a PowerLine adapter for the room that I cannot get a direct... 
Two Type of sound and listener preference are there more?
@seaheis" They trust their ears less and gain valuable insights from measurements and white papers."I am on the detail side and I recently bought a Benchmark AHB2 amp and DAC3L so you got that assumption correct. However, I trust my ears and that ... 
Still looking for speakers in the 10-20,000 range
I would get a KEF Blade2 in that price range. You need to get a used pair or demo but I have seen then at $15K and up. I am going to demo a KEF Blade2 at a dealer in Newport Beach, CA soon and he has demo pairs of Ref 5 and Blade2 that he is looki... 
Two Type of sound and listener preference are there more?
The details man, I want the details. 
Speakers (and system) for a small-ish room
I had the same issue. Give me a reason not to buy another KEF for the office since it would be the same sound. I would have 3 KEF systems. If you are interested in my KEF less journey take a look at some of my posts regarding a new office system. 
Magico A3
@nitewulf ,I sort of took your advice and bought the Audience 1+1 crossover less speaker for my office. It is being built now and should be shipped in a week or 2. Not much low end but supposed to sound great outside those frequencies. I have a 30... 
Naim and Elac Adante, Wow
@Audiotroy,I always look forward to your posts. When I saw that you started this thread I took the time to read it because I knew I would learn something. The Elac Adante are not something that will fit my needs but I knew there would be something... 
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
The Hegel 360 is rather good but not great. I could live with it. However, the integrated I want to hear is the new Luxman 509x. The new top of the line for them. It has most of the specs you want except digital inputs. It is also rated at 125 wat... 
Bryston 4B Cubed vs Hegel H360 vs Benchmark AHB2
I thought I would update this thread if anyone was curious how the AHB2 system went.I have had the following new system setup now for 3 days with about 30 hours on it. It is still breaking in but I can already conclude I love this system.I wanted ... 
Any Spendor D9 owners out there?
@1extreme I must admit "you people" do have a good sense of humour. 
Benchmark DAC1 or Ah Reference Tjoeb 4000
I was just catching up on my posts yesterday. I am still on 2007 but making good progress. 
Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?
Since I was in a generous spending mood, and the fact I will have to wait another 6 months+ until I move to the bigger office, I decided to give another speaker on this thread a shot. I just bought the Audience ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker ($2345)... 
High End DAC's compared
I own Benchmark DAC3 but the best sounding DAC I have heard is the Resonessence  MIrrus. There are new variants of the MIrrus that I have not heard yet. Supposed to sound even better.