Responses from zappas

Class D amps seem poised to take over. Then what?
No they won't.  
Looking for an amp that punches way about its weight and I can grow with
Parasound A21+ , punches like Mike Tyson.  
Favorite Guitar Solo
Second Watermelon in Easter Hay. 
Favorite obsolete formats.....
I had a quad 8 track in my 68 chevelle, best of times and rock.  
Audio Companies with Integrity??
EQ Technologies in Cleveland,  Great people. Parasound has always been there when I need something, Great customer service.  
Streamer wanted
So much music, so little time.  
Wireless sub
Critical subwoofer tip
Clearly in my 1 sub system phase matters not. Drove myself nuts trying to find the right phase, realized that it didn't matter. One man's opinion.  
Class D
Again, sorry I started this. Most have been very helpful. Maybe a couple of you guys should get together for a beer. Trying out the ps audio mono blocks. Still a little nervous about the handling of my speakers 🔊. Thanks for all your comments.  
Class D
Actually I was looking for a integrated amplifier.