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most beautiful (looking) speakers
Bose 901's  
Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....
Loved my 901's.  
Best double live vinyl?
Ted Nugent double live gonzo.  
Thanks everybody   
Please settle a bet!
Bose 901's  
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
The 901 series 3 where my 2nd set of speakers, I hung them by chains. The foam surrounds roted bose sent me the series 6 for $125 i think.. added a big sub with a crown dc300 running it. I ran a carver 1.5t into the bose. I swear they would get sw... 
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
Volbeat is mostly good,great voice and recording  
Neil Young calls out Tidal
Neil Young is off the rails, biting the hand that feeds him.  
Chinese Cables that sound good
Your method for discovering great music.
I go to plotn08.org pick a category or search.  Lots of indie bands trying to get there music out plus remastered mainstream music. Then I search them on my amazon hd.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
Wonder what drug dealers are paying.  
Paypal Changes for 2022
Dadork, you forgot school taxes.   
Chi-Fi in the Time of Self-Righteous Indignation.
 Anyone  who thinks China is our friend must be dealing their Fentanyl.  
Chi-Fi in the Time of Self-Righteous Indignation.
When given the choice I would never buy Chinese products.   
Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck
+1 cerwin vega