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Question about NAD 7400 vs new integrated amp
I like NAD, and used to have a 375BEE, but I think you could do better, and based on the vintage of the 7400, something newer would likely offer immediate improvements. The M5 would likely sound good, though when I think of high current,I expect t... 
Effect of Internet Service Quality on Streaming?
You’ve covered most of the bases, and I can’t answer your question about internet services. However, one suggestion is adding optical isolation on the network, it’s a cheap experiment.   
Benchmark AHB2 in Mono Block Configuration
I agree with others you might want to add another brand there, +1 for Coda, a #8 would be a perfect fit. Not a big fan of bridged monos, though likely not an issue with those speakers. Depending on what kind of improvement you are seeking, I would... 
Replaced Everything, New Gears waiting to be installed...
Enjoy! And be patient, it will take a while to break in that system.  
Aurender Model Choices
Wow, great write up and excellent gear choices, that will be quite the system.   
Aurender Model Choices
Aurender seems to favor the SPDIF/AES with the N10/N20's due to the high precision clocking in these units. With USB the streamer is somewhat at the mercy of the clock in the DAC. Given that AES is clearly the favorite of the folks who built both ... 
Anyone upgrade to the Merason Dac1 mkii?
I am considering this DAC as well, would be interesting to get some feedback.  
Upgrade speaker cables from ARC Litzlink
Broken record here, but Acoustic Zen solved all my issues and brought considerable improvement to my system after trying a number of other cables. I am using Satori’s, you can go up the chain from there.   
Aurender A Series DAC Performance
I have always used separates, and would recommend that path unless your system is just for casual listening or you have significant space constraints. I recently upgraded to a used Aurender N10, and it was a significant improvement in sound. I wou... 
Help me pair the KEF R11 Metas...?
Of the brands mentioned, I would lean towards the Hegel. I believe that others have mentioned seeing KEF demo with Hegel at shows. The H390 would cover a lot of bases and allow you to upgrade to better streamer/DAC later. Check out the used ones o... 
DAC vs Music Server
This has been my experience as well. I have had four different streamers in my system, all with the same DAC, each one has been an improvement. The latest is an Aurender N10, which has been a quantum leap forward. Finally time to upgrade the DAC.   
Dedicated 20 amp circuit. 10/2 or 10/3?
Some of the comments suggest running 10 or 12-3 and getting two dedicated circuits that would have to share a neutral. This is not ideal and if done wrong I believe can be dangerous. Best research shared neutral if you doing the work yourself.   
Help me pair the KEF R11 Metas...?
Nice buy on the speakers. While the specs on the Technics are decent power-wise, a bit more might make the KEFS happy. However as a simple first step, you might try a separate preamp and bypass the one in your integrated using Main In. I think the... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
@ghdprentice Thanks! As for the DAC, I am going to let things soak for awhile, having upgraded preamp, speakers and streamer in the last six months. It is tempting to just go with an Yggdrasil or Pontus, but I will exercise some restraint, unless ... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
FWIW, I just bought a used Aurender N10 and am using the OXCO clocked SPDIF output. It is amazing. I am using a Schiit Gumby for a DAC, probably looking at an upgrade there as well.