$2500 CD player with digital input and volume cont

I've been looking for a new or used cd player to go with my Von Schweikert VR4 JR's and Monarchy SE100 monoblocks. At the present time I have A modified Jolida JD 100 that was great with my Innersound Eros but just to laid back for the JR'S. I need the new player to have a volume control and digital input for my TV. I want to spend about $2500.00 I've been going crazy for weeks looking and need some help. I like the Cary 303/300 but it has no inputs. Since im trying to downsize from my old system I don't want a separate preamp. My other choice is the Resolution Audio Opus 21. I really like the audio aero capitol but its just to expensive for me. Than I see older players like some of the Accuphases but they are so old. I'm just not sure. If anyone has some advise that would be great. Ken
Ken, the money that you will spend on SonyDVP9000es
Modwright will bring you closer to some of the best
CDP under 10K.Get the BonModwright.Dan is also a very
nice person to deal with.
A used Cary 303/200 or 306/200 have what you are looking for and are several steps above your current CDP.
Cary 303/200 has digital in and out and volume control. Plus, it's a very nice player with lots of well-earned reviews. Used around $1500 or a little less.