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Free air, tighter bass - snake oil or cheap tweaks?

Usually when we talk about snake oil it's because some one is out to make a buck on the gullible....

Let the best be your guide

All of us have had to come to grips with bad sounding recordings. They can be disabling and make ...

My First Stereo. What Was Yours?

I wanted to share my first experience into the audio hobby and perhaps hear yours. In the late 7...

Replaced Everything, New Gears waiting to be installed...

Well, I went for it! I replaced everything this year, purchasing at the top-end of my budget, hop...

Is tube sound vs solid state easier to distinguish using headphones?

Well designed tube amplifiers and solid state amplifiers in general sound remarkably similar with...

Lii Audio open baffles vs Forte 1 vs Heresy IV

For those who may be interested in their sound characteristics compared. I did some demos about h...

McIntosh MC20 - 1960's - No Left Channel

Total noob here. I sort of discovered some McIntosh equipment that has been in this house for 40...

Mysterious power tube behavior

On my Willsenton R8, I was using JJ 6L6GCs. One of them got a bit noisy, and then soon after star...

Need help setting up a theater on a budget.

We moved to another state over the last 3 years and finally bought our home. Everything has been ...

Rear speaker recommendations to pair with Energy LCR

Looking for the most affordable rears for a 5.1 to pair with Energy CF70 towers and CC10 center. ...

A Second Tonearm on an SME Model 10

I was brave today, and altered the tonearm panel that Lee Drage made to go with an Acoustand pod....

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BTO Not Fragile (n80)
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Leben CS600 required tubes (mehrakrishan)
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Anti skating SME V (fosse)
Why don't we tire of music? (quincy)
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120x85FrankenNote System (tvad)
And boom there we go looking good @tvad! (jond)
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120x85Mixing Rig (joelv)
It looks pretty close to Porsche Shark Blue in the picture! In person, it's a little darker. I was aiming for "Ford Blue" but the lacquer came out a little l... (joelv)
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120x85Mixing Rig (joelv)
Is that Porsche Shark Blue? (tvad)
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120x85jrunyon52's System (jrunyon52)
The embodiment of "Go Big or Go Home".Woof. (tvad)
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120x85jjss49's System (jjss49)
cool, you been busy since i last checked….obviously a no bs serious mad scientist dude ! (tomic601)
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