$30K for 3 meters speaker!


I have tried several sets of speaker cables, they all sound different to me. I now own the Madison AudioLab E3 extreme 1 cables. They are my end game cables. The only way you will ever know if cables make a difference is to try them in your own home period. 

I'd love a pair of Audioquest Dragons but I'd settle for a pair of silver William Tell's if I could get a massive discount.


I also found out that he buys all his wire from Jen Wai in Taiwan, so even if he uses OCC single Crystal copper or silver it doesn't cost that much because Neotech makes the new rectangular OCC single Crystal copper and silver and the silver one is only $9,000 for 2.5 m and Wan Lung is the parent company of Neotech and they are The Foundry that makes all OCC wire for almost every high-end cable company out there.

Open up your speakers and take a peak at the wiring inside them.

Purchase identical wire and use that for the cables from speaker to amp(s).

"If it's good enough for the inside, it's good enough for the outside"!