A better matched amp for my Totem Speakers?

I currently have a Forte 1A (50 WPC ClassA) power amp and a McIntosh C26 PreAmp driving Totem model 1 speakers. The sound is good, but I think I can get more out of these speakers. My first thought is to upgrade the power amp. I'm thinking along the lines of a Mac, Aragon, Classe. The good people at Totem recommend Plinius, which is probably out of my price range.

I listen to Jazz, "New Age" and classical, primarily. Though I've been listening to music for years, I'm a bit of a neophyte when it comes to higher end electronics. As with many folks, my local options are limited, so it's hard to "just take it home and listen to it." Thanks for any suggestions.
Plinius 8100 used is probably no more than what you are looking at right now. The Sonic Frontier Anthem 1 integrated will also do very nicely.
i currently have a pair of Odyssey Stratos monoblock amps with a Classe 47.5 preamp and the Classe 1.5 cd player playing through the Totem Model 1 bi-wire speakers. I just added the REL Strata III subwoofer to the mix. Sounds fantastic. The Totems do need power to do them justice and the Odyssey amps are up to the task.
Thanks for the good suggestions! I'm trying to stay in the 1,000-1,300 price range for power amp (used, most likely) assuming I stay with the mac C-26 pre amp. Then again, this will likely prove a more intelligent "investment" than the stock market.
i use vtl MB100 that I bought used for 1200 to drive totem forest speakers...
i was also auditioning them with pathos twin towers that have only 35W/ch and it was also great.
totem speakers despite their lack of efficiency can be driven with less power as well pretty successful. they have relatively stable impedance that is friendly for the tubes. they also have a bullet-proof drivers that can rock upto 120dB.
they might benefit for extra power but you should also weigh the quality as well.
totem people demoed model 1sig with plinius 8200mk2. this integrated amp is also worth paying attention since you kind-of "buy one and get one free"(it even has a phono!)