A New Believer

I have listened to many systems over the years, and have never appreciated the difference speaker cables can make to a sound. In fact, I was so skeptical of the sound changes they can make that I have always not bothered with any special type of cables, generally going for generic (and dare I say it) roughly made ANY copper wire plugged in to amp and speaker. Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to do a blind test and listen to what difference cabling can make. Wow, my Vand 3A Sig's had been getting strangled! (some of you guys may want to strangle me if I told you what connects I had been using). So I am now a firm believer, cables DO make a difference.

The more questions you ask, the less answers I see and understand. This is science right? Where are the tests, what instrument do they use and what are the results??? These are fair questions. From what I read in this forum, "believers" are saying their ears hear a difference and there is no electrical instrument to measure the difference....or WHY there is a difference. Is it possible the human ear and brain notice a real difference that no electrical instrument has yet been invented to measure??? Fair question!!

Antipodes_audio's answer was complete bullshit in respect to your question, in my opinion.
To Paul_graham:

This is getting to be like the Greek philosophers debating the number of teeth in a horse's head. Maybe someone should count. Or in this case, experiment.
To Paul graham - what question was I required to answer? Complete bullshit? Why such an angry reaction? If your tree is being shaken then maybe your tree is the problem.

As you seem to be one of those philosophers, I urge you to open the horse's mouth yourself.

Personally, I have heard the difference between cables on more than one occasion by experimenting, sometimes to my chagrin, once to my dismay. All kinds of materials carry current. Not all sound great doing it. If you were just worried about getting the signal from one end to the other, you'd use bare wire bought by the foot. I have seen speaker jumpers made of copper, silver, tinned brass, and aluminum alloy. I have replaced cheapo jumpers with cheapo wire with good effect in the past. I have had people in my apartment A/B-ing wire, and leave in a huff when their particular concoction got completely showed up by someone else's recipe, and I assure you the differences were not because of lack of ability of the lesser cable's ability to conduct electricity.

Otherwise, I think that the debate about how well wires carry signal is to some extent kind of silly before people know what two electrical loads/drivers are being connected with the wire. There isn't much we can do in a system full of wire... Tires is tires according to the "wire is wire" theory. But the best tires for my Ferrari are not the best tires for my 10yr old Pajero when I am rambo-ing around in the snow. Oops. Don't have a Ferrari. Well, if I did, they still wouldn't be the best for my 10yr old Pajero (which I do have).