A question about Real Traps

I have been using Real Traps in my room and like most of what they do. However, there has been somewhat of a tradeoff in that my room now has more dampening than I want.
Would they still work as bass traps if I applied a wood veneer facing on them? I would love to eliminate some of the room dampening affect from them but, not lose their effect on the bass.

I agree with your ideas - the Quantity and Type of Traps used is very important in this situation. I was amazed when changing out just ONE LE trap (the only one on the right) for a standard Mini made such a difference.

In my case, the right speaker was the one that seemed to weaken, or at least lose noticeable focus and stage width, and it is the one closest to the sidewall and 1st reflection trap. That's where the standard Mini is now that seemed to fix the issue. I may even try an additional Mini on that side to see if it further improves the sound and widens the stage beyond the wall.

Keep in mind that I don't have as many traps as you do, and my room is a large rectangle - 30' x 20' with an 8'-15' vault. So, the effectiveness of my traps is probably not as obvious as yours. The system is against the short 20' wall, and I sit 11' back from the speakers, directly below the peak of the vault. The system and seating area are offset to the right because the main entry door to the house is far left on the same wall as the system, hence the different distances to the sidewall 1st reflection points.

You may want to start removing traps on the side that has the issue one at a time. Or - since you have several versions to work with - move the versions around into different positions. Maybe you will find that one sidewall needs less total traps then the other. If removing alot of the traps corrects the imbalance problem you are focusing on, but makes the room too lively again, then hopefully you can add them back in a combination that would be a great compromise of dampening and balance. The RealTraps guys should be able to take you further towards the best setup if you can eliminate this issue first.

Guys- If you get the chance to experiment, and find any tangible results with different positions and/or versions, please update this thread. We all need more info about the 'Black Art' of sonic room correction!
Bhouser: Actually turns out I have an amplifier problem which is being resolved, not a trap problem...