Aardvark Ethernet noise isolator

Has anyone tried one of these? Love the name...

I have an Ether Regen which outputs fiber to my Lumin X1.

So, I guess this device would go into the input of the Ether Regen but would its use of fiber out negate the Aardvark advantages? Will I be able to tell if it improves sound quality?

Anyway, I am such a tweaker that I went ahead and ordered one anyway.

Just looking for anyone who may have experience with the device.



I hadn’t heard of this until your post. I checked out their website and I’m not sure what it will add above and beyond the EtherRegen.

Based upon what it does, I’d place it between the EthereRegen and your Lumin. I’ve read forum posts about the psositive benefits of daisy chaining EtherRegens, or even using a Network Acoustics filter after the EtherRegen.

Speaking of the EtherRegen, adding an external clock made a big difference for me. 







Thank you for your post.

I am skeptical, and I do have an AfterDark Clock connected to my EthereRegen. Going from the EthereRegen to my Lumin is a fiber cable. So, I will place the Aardvark before the Ether Regen. Perhaps it will clean up the signal going into the Ether Regen? Who knows?

Here is a recent StereoTimes review.

AARDVARK ETHERNET ISOLATOR by Ron Cook (stereotimes.com)


I have added the Chord or English Electric EE1 filter in my audio streaming chain. I have the iFI filter coming out of my modem into my network switch, next the EEI is in my listening space connected to my TeraDak 212 that is connected to my SFP Media Converter going into my Zenith. Additional filtering on the noise side has made my streaming experience more detailed, black background and just overall more enjoyable, much closer to my analog.