Accuphase DP-78 doesn't read SACD layer

I have a Accuphase DP-78 SACD player that will play pure SACD's, CD's, and will play the CD layer on a Hybrid SACD but no longer picks up the SACD layer. Has anyone come across this? I tried air blowing the inside was not successful.  Any Suggestions? or can you suggest a reputable NJ or metropolitan area repair?  

Consult AXISS Distribution Inc. to find the authorized repair service center. Keep me posted on your progress.

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appreciate you input.  Accuphase is nearly impossible to interact with given their location.  I did contact AXISS a while back and they were not too helpful.  I was able to find a repair individual in California i believe AXISS had suggested as I said its been a while, hard to believe that no one on the east coast is available.  the guy in California had some easy checks such as blowing the inside of the unit which I tried.  However one needs to be careful with propellants.  If I don't come across someone locally the transport part including new lens is a sony KHM-230AAA is readily available on the internet for about $75, I may try replacing it myself which I would rather not do, but may have not choice.  The unit sonics are a killer and worth fixing.   btw the guy in California wanted $1500 to replace that part, crazy given the cost of the part. 
thanks again

I am an authorized Accuphase dealer on the east side of the Hudson. My E.E./P.E. repair person maybe able to help you out. Is the unit a US Axxis import or from another country? If the unit no longer under warranty or comes from another area please get in contact with me.

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Hopefully the Accuphase dealer can square you away but if not you may want to contact Music Technology in Virginia.

Bill Thalmann is excellent and has fair pricing.  He modded CJ tube gear for me years ago and I know he or he has a tech that works on sacd/cd players.

By all accounts the Accuphase is a deck worthy of keeping in service and functioning.

Good Luck