Active Speakers - Anything new coming?

Just wondering if anyone has heard about any new hifi or studio active speakers coming onto the market.  The Dutch and Kii active dsp speakers have been around nearly 5 years now.  New class D boards coming.  I am still really enjoying my eve audio speakers (sc203) but thinking about an upgrade.  Thanks

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Linn 360 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review A credible and modern high-end loudspeaker system. Review By Alan Sircom Of Hi-Fi+ Magazine

Build your have control over the sound not available in anything mentioned above.....serious high end sound for pennies.....obviously, not a small speaker (16 inches wide) and could be very tall if you do a long line source. And also not self contained.....amps and xover are separate...............but sound? Goosebump city! And for very, very little money.


A couple of weeks ago I bought/brought in a pair of J Porter Studios Waterloo Signature speakers, made by a local Austin guy just launching this new model.  These use the Hypex Ncore FA503 amplifiers that provide 500w to a 9” transmission line loaded woofer + 500w to a 9” midrange + 100w to a 1” tweeter.  
They sound very good to me, I prefer them to my Fyne Audio F703s + Luxman M900 stereo amplifier. How much of that has to do with them being active vs. other aspects of the design I don’t know.

When I started considering these for purchase I looked around at other active speakers and although there are not many there are many more than there were just several years ago which makes me believe this is something that will start to take off quickly  

I show them on my system page.