Adding power-supply chokes to gear possible?

Hello. I am curious as to if it would be foremost possible, and secondly advisable, to add power supply chokes, ala the newer Musical Fidelity products, to other brands of gear not so equipted originally? I have been very impressed with the uncanny quietness of the MF amps and preamps and am now curious as to if adding chokes to my other gear, expecially at the digital end, would be a worthwile project. Thanks much for any insight!
You have to be VERY careful doing something like this. It would be easy to literally "choke" the power supply into starving itself, especially on power amps. You might want to check into Jon Risch's PLC as it uses a good sized "choke" or inductor in its' design. It still might not be enough to handle a good sized amp.

Another alternative is to try the Richard Gray Power Company "doo-hickie". It is nothing more than a giant inductor as far as i know. Adding an isolation transformer should do even more for you than adding a choke as the transformer is not only an inductor, it also electrically isolates the device from the line. Just like any other choke, you have to make sure that you aren't going to be current limited in ANY way, shape or form though. Sean
Socrates- Sean, I think you misinterpreted Socrates question. My interpretation of Socrates question is whether it is possible to add choke(s) to the internal power supply of your audio components. The answer would have to be maybe. It would depend on each components power supply configuration, as well as adequate internal space for mounting the choke or choke and caps as needed.

The configuration of L-C input vs C-L-C input must also be considered to determine if the stock transformer voltage is adequate to compensate for the voltage drop across a particular choke (DCR).

Almost anything is possible, but you will likely have to do some research or find some tech to help you out, to determine the appropriate components and needed internal space for this modification. Good luck.
The choke is used to shunt high frequency noise and minimize ripple on the line. There are other ways to do this but Jcbtubes is correct in stating that such an internal modification would require forethought and care in both selecting the parts and how it was implimented. Almost anything is possible if you want to spend the money to do it. Sean
Micro-Bearing added around power supply caps and transformers in all my components, has enhanced the blackness of the soundstage. Dynamic contrast and detail has been enhanced to the point that I can see and understand Bob Dylan's greatest hits. These bearings can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Tom