ads speakers

can anyone compare 3 different ads speakers ads L1590,ads m15, ads mpv40 60 or 80.were their reviews done on these speakers.
I can tell you from experience that the L1590's were and still are a very good speaker. I didn't own but heard the M15 and they were somewhat a step backwards, a little more pronounced low end. Even the dealer where I bought my 1590's was disappointed, now this was back in the late 80's. The 1590s were very well balanced top to bottom with very natural mids and highs and tight low end. When I sold mine I went up to the Dunlavy SC-IV's. I still use smaller ADS speakers in secondary systems and am still a fan. It's a shame they are no longer around but a good used pair of L1590's go for $800 to $900 and wonderful speaker if your room will support them. As song as you're not looking for boom and sizzle I think they're a safe bet.
I also would not rule out the 1290/2's. I own the 1590/2's as well as the 1290/2's, and they are both great speakers.
Their older 1530's were also great, size being their biggest drawback. It seems that after the 1590 era, they started going downhill. ADS' head guy (sorry, I can't recall his name-old age!) left for Aerial Speakers, and they never were the same after that. Find some 1590's and you won't be sad!
Michael Kelly was the man that left ADS for Aerial.

I had the M15s. Very good overall, but the cabinets were a bit lively, and the highs a touch soft. But they did have some of the tightest bass I've ever heard.

I liked the L-series better.

The final M speakers, the M30s, were very good. Ugly, but very good. I hunted for a pair for years.