Aesthetix Calypso Factory Upgrade to Janus

Dear Sirs,
I want to use a better phono pre-amp than the one I am currently using. The one I am using now is what TAS recommended  ( the Vincent two box  SS  phono ) . Its  ok,  but lacks finesse & power &   not really up there with the best phono stages.  
Can you advise me if its better to just upgrade my Aesthetix Calypso line stage  to  Janus  ( as the Janus has a phono section built in ). I will have to send the pre amp to the factory for the modification.
Or , my other question : Will the Aesthetix Rhea sound better than the  Janus. 
The advantage of upgrading to the Janus is one less interconnect & one less power cable. However , will the separate Rhea  ( only phono )  sound better than the Janus ( when using the phono section of the Janus ).

Awaiting your advice.
Thanks in advance.
I am very pleased with my Janus. 

There are opinions as to whether a built-in phono stage or an outboard one will serve better.

Without having heard the Rhea, I would guess, assuming quality cabling, it would sound better than the Janus.

 Aesthetix states the "Janus represents key features . . . " of the Calypso and Rhea. To me, that means you would be giving up something in both. Why not call Aesthetix and find out what those features might be? 

There is a recent thread on this subject, "Tube preamp with or without phono stage," you might refer to.

Thank you kindly.  I  will   call JIm White  ( of Aesthetix )  tomorrow to get his opinion.
Have a great week.
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I think you would be better off with a all tube phono preamp.  Tom Tutay hand builds these and it would be less money that upgrading your Calypso.

I did the upgrade & it sounds excellent.I took it to ( my good audiophile  Dr. friend´s place ) to do a side by side with his AR Ref 40 Anniversary & AMR  ( separate ) dedicated phono stage.The Janus stands up to the AR with AMR. The sound was a little ¨ dark ¨to my liming.  The difference was very little, with the Janus sounding more transparent. Really  , it was  really difficult to tell the difference, & that only on high quality LP´s.
  The speakers  in use were Magico M3  ( serial nos 200 & 201 ).The best upgrade I could recommend for anyone with a Calypso :  Mind you , I did the full mile:  Power supply upgrade & tube upgrade as well ( recommended by Aesthetix ).