Air conditioning for audiophiles.

I live in a small city apartment which gets pretty hot in the summer. My window air conditioner is fairly noisy(it's supposed to be one of the quieter frigidaire models.)

However I cannot in any way shape or form enjoy the subtleties of my music or stereo soundtracks of movies. I might as well be a kid again listening to Cousin Brucie on a transiter radio. People have suggested the Vornado fan which helps if it's not too hot but as you know it can get to a point where a fan just blows hot air around.

ChillWell is a small portable air conditioner which is supposedly very quiet and cools your personal space which is all I need when I'm listening seated in one place.

It is doing a lot of heavy promotion with a cheap price. But whenever I try to look up reviews they all look like PR blurbs.

Anybody have any experience with this item?



Second drumnman222's recommendation of the Midea (check the spelling) window units. Mine is much less noisy than a standard window unit but it isn't silent. They're well made and relatively easy to install.

I went with the GE Profile Ultra Quiet.  Comes in both 6100 BTU and 8300 BTU from Home Depot.  Ordered on-line and delivered free of charge.  Works great, has remote control, and is quiet.  I'm back in business with tube amps.

I have researched this quite extensively for my wife who insisted we change our air conditioner 3 years ago because it was too noisy. The quietest window-based air conditioner I can find is this one. I live in an apt building, co-op, where split air conditioning is not allowed. I think when I measured it, it was like 47 dB right at the vent at low speed (I just measured it for this post, a unit that is around 3 years old). Moving to the middle of my 350sd ft bedroom, I could barely hear it or notice it was running, it was that quiet. Post-installation, you can add weatherproofing seal around the window, and you may get 1 db less noise.


There are 3 sizes for this AC model.