All Pre 1970 Vintage speakers suck! Prove me wrong

Have tried many vintage speakers.

My conclusion: All pre-1970 vintage speakers suck. Well-made but crappy  sound.

Used with both vintage amps and modern.

I do like many vintage amps such as Radio Craftsmen RC-500, Marantz tube, Scott tube, Heath W5, Lafayette and Pilot tube.

But back to pre-1970 speakers:

No bass, harsh, or honky mids and no highs. Not musical or listenable to me.

Tried many including Acoustic Research AR-3a, 2Ax, etc. The entire AR product line. Also Klipsch Horn, Large EVs. Altec VOTT. Pioneer CS-88 and 99.

Nothing pre 1970 is even close to the better modern speakers.

I challenge you: Prove me wrong.


The problem is ALL speakers suck. They still do. Just that they are better. 


Bose 901s came out in 1968.I bought a pair in 1974,when set up properly and with the equalizer and at least 60 wpc...they sounded great with any kind of music.They wete used in concert halls ,by rock groups and clubs all over the US....

Sadly I don't have them .I left them at my exs house and when she moved they went in the dumpster. That was my fault.