Am I missing anything?

I've listed the following speaker system for sale here on Audiogon for a friend.  Her husband was an avid audiophile, but she lost him to Alzheimers.  

Two "Clarity" L & R channel front speakers
Two "Script i" L & R channel rear speakers
One "Cinema i" center channel speaker
One "Grotto" sub woofer
One pedestal for the center channel speaker

If there's anything I'm missing in the selling process, or other advice, I'm willing to learn.  Thanks to all for looking!  -Bob

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@kingsleuy, great suggestion.  She has the Rotel RSX-1067 and the high-end cables for the forward speakers as well, along with a Monster Power Powercenter and Radix power cord.

@sdavies2720, another great suggestion.  I've sold a few things on Craigslist and ebay, but I'll check into that as well.

Well that will teach him. Trying to do something nice for a friend. The nerve.