AMC Record Player Crazy Loud Humming

I have an AMC DS-10 console record player that has a crazy loud deep hum. I’ve replaced all three vacuums. The TT is grounded inside the receiver but I even went as far as to ground it once again into the outlet in the wall with a three prong plug in. The humming stops when I remove either one of the 50C5 tubes. The humming doesn’t happen until I plug in the phono power receptacle. I’ve fought with this thing for over a week now and I am pretty much an amateur and would just like some advice as to what to try or test next. I can’t attach a photo at the moment but can do so later.


There ought to be a simple Grounding Wire emanating from either the tonearm or the turntable. Screw the wire onto/into the receiver or phono stage's grounding screw...which should be on the back panel. With any luck, silence will instantly prevail.

This is what I originally thought but could not find a ground wire or a hook up for the ground wire on the back panel. However what I am pretty sure to be the ground wire, running from the phono to the receiver, I detached and reconnected it to a different part of the TT and still got nothing. But all in all could not find an obvious grounding “screw” which I thought was weird.