Amp to drive Dynaudio C-1

I'm currently running an ARC VT-100mkIII but it runs out of juice when you are pushing it. I have been told that pass amps sound great and they give a tubelike quality. I would like to stay with tubes but for the power I need it is going to be too pricey. Your suggestions are welcome.
In no particular order: Musical Fidelity, Bryston, Accuphase, Simaudio, Plinus. Also, I agree with Xti16. You do not need tones of power but quality power.
I was amazed at how big and deep the bass was when I heard these speakers driven with the complete ASR Emitter 11 set up at a local dealer(bless them,support them,keep them in business).No I am not a dealer.

Yes alot of money on amplification,but it worked for me.

One of the better systems I've heard in a long time.
I'm listening to them right now with a 30.5 pass amp. It sounds okay, but it's a somewhat lean compared to tubes IMHO. I'd say it has juice to play up to moderate/loud fine. Reno hifi iirc will let you try them out if you pay shipping, no affiliation etc. Good luck.