Amplifier Pairing with Coherent 15s

Hello all,

About to finalize an order for a pair of Coherent 15s (yay!) and now I'm starting to look at possibilities for amplification for them. Since they are very efficient (I believe 106db efficiency), they can work well with flea amps+, so there's a wide range of possibilities.

I have a few criteria though: I would prefer an integrated amplifier vs separates/mono blocks, both for cost and space reasons, so something like AirTight is out (plus, a bit too expensive anyway). Looking around the $10k range at the higher end.

I don't listen to things super loud, and tend to prefer tube amplification. Music tends to lean majority Jazz, with some other things throw in here and there, but Jazz is the most important genre to get right.

Frank (from Coherent) recommended a couple -

Tektron Two 2A3/50S-i
Mastersound Compact 300B

Some others I've looked into:

Tektron Two 211-i
LTA ZOTL Ultralinear Integrated

I do have a few concerns with hand-crafted, more 'custom' made amps, especially by manufacturers overseas (I'm in the US) - mainly inability to demo them and ease of service/warranty. They also tend to be more difficult to sell in the case of deciding to go a different route, though this is of a lesser concern.

Anyone have any experience with any of these, have any other suggestions to explore, or any other comments?



I double checked.

On Montreal show last year Allnic Audio M-2500 monoblock power amplifiers derived Coherent model18 speakers.

Yeah, I believe the dealer Frank shares a room with deals with Allnic so they get paired together a lot. The M-2500 is a bit overkill for these speakers, I think.

But really, if you are in the market for over 100db efficient speakers, it's usually because you want to run low-power SET. đŸ˜…

There are many great amps that will drive your Coherent speakers well. I had a pair of Coherent 8s for years and finally settled on an EL-34 amp and 4P1L preamp by Raul Tarta. Made in CT (as I recall). I know, you prefer an integrated solution but these are great, unsung products and a great value. Made in the USA. Simple Pleasure Tube Amps

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Decware. Steve Deckert is a legend in the (mostly off Audiogon) audio community and he offers several integrated amps, of different configurations. FYI I believe that all of the Decware amps use a passive preamp section. But they are very well made, sound great and seem to retain phenomenal resale value.

@br3098 Thanks for the info!

I did look into Decware when I was looking around, but it seems they use a fair amount of off the beaten path tube choices, which I thought could be a bit more difficult when it came to sourcing alternates/replacements to roll.

I did end up going with Aric audio, and picked up his Super 2a3 SET, and Super 6SN7 linestage. I was surprised to be able to get separates within my budget, and I've been very happy with them so far. Have two sets of 2A3 options (other than the pair that came with it) to do some testing with now to see which I prefer.

With the 18s, this 2a3 amp produces plenty of power to fill a room (even a larger sized room) at not even halfway up the volume knob.