Analog is the new pink

I work with a lot of "kids" in their 20's who seem to think analog is cool, so they are buying cheap turntables and used vinyl and acting like they know the difference between the sound of records vs. CDs. I think it is great that they are discovering analog in an age that has gone digital, but in my experience CDs actually sound better when using lower end equipment. I didn't truly fall in love with analog until I was able to afford a serious system costing thousands of dollars. My ears are older now so I understand that I am not as able to hear certain frequencies, but my old ears can definitely hear the difference between good and bad sounding systems.
I am not complaining, just making an observation here. I also enjoy the fashion side of vinyl, but I wouldn't be listening to vinyl if I didn't have the great system that I own. It would not be worth the trouble. Thoughts?
Its hard to take the younger demographic's interest in vinyl too seriously. I doubt most of them have ever heard a decent (let alone great) stereo system fronted by either analogue or digital. Remember, this is the same group that happily downloads low res videos from Netflix and listens to 128 MP3 on stock IPod buds. Not saying they wouldn't love it if they heard better, they just don't get exposed to the higher end stuff. And sadly, many are content to trade off cheap (or free) at the expense of quality.
I agree with Spinaker1, but then again a cheap vinyl set up might sound better than some MP3 setups. It is all a relative experience in the early ages of appreciation. They most likely do not know the true treasure that is in the analogue presentation, but in the 70s when I was first acquiring a "system" for my music most of my peers were happy with very low quality music sources even in the day. It is an affliction that sets in early and is uncurable. A very small percentage of this analogue "interested" group will go on to join our ranks and it is those few we should be watching for and nurturing when we are able to.

One issue I see is the physical space required for vinyl, not just the turntable, but the albums as well. Given a younger persons more limited financial resources, they are less likely to live in a house alone. And vinyl cant be played in the car. So they have to copy the albums to cd or Ipod. They are also more mobile, and it is a lot harder to move 1000 albums than it is to move a hardrive. Vinyl is kind of like books.

Even so, we did it in the 70s when we didnt have a choice, and a bunch of albums were somewhat of a status symbol, just like a kick ass system. Not so much these days