Analog playback on computer.

I have improved my analog to the point where it is better than CD. Now I can hear this on WAV computer playback when I compare before and after on computer.

My question is; is this usual or unusual, out of the ordinary?

To clarify the question, when you down load your LP's, after you have gone through the time and expense, to get that holographic 3D with depth, can you hear this on computer play back?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
I have copied lp's to digital wave files. Then rip the file to a cd. When I play the cd and compare to the lp they sound the same
It depends on your system. You need a analog to digital computer and a DAC that are as good as your analog system. I digitize at 24/192 with a professional ADC and have chosen my DAC to have a similar sound signature to my analog rig. With that, the digital files sound very similar to the LPs.

So, yes it is possible to get the LP sound as long as you match your ADC and your DAC to your analog setup.

Ahendler and dtc, I want to thank both of you for responding. At one time, it was argued that somehow computer playback couldn't be as good as analog, but I'm glad both you guys got the same result, and there is no difference on playback.

My computer "Geek" told me that a long time ago, and he's not even an audiophile.

Thanks again and enjoy the music.
I've been getting my feet wet in computer audio lately and have been impressed by what's possible. Recording my vinyl from preamp into MacBook using Audacity, then playing it back via Audirvana Plus through a Dac Destroyer into Sony MDR-1R headphones has been a revelation. Liquidity, detail and dynamics up the proverbial. Just stunning sound, as good as my main system in many ways. It's made me want to upgrade my entire adc/dac/headphone set up, which up until a few months ago wasn't something I was into. I had no idea computer audio could sound this good. Audirvana Plus was the main contributor to the sound. Thought it was all just 1s and 0s until I downloaded that app (had been using iTunes) but turns out there's a lot more to it. Vinyl sound through a laptop, who'd have thought?