analog upgrade suggestions needed

I am thinking of a cartridge upgrade. System is Nottingham space deck with spacearm I have enjoyed for 20 years. Phono pre is Allnic H5500.

Current cartridges are Lyra Lydian B that has been rebuilt by Soundsmith. I like the sound of the Lyra better since the rebuild! I also have a Dynavector 20x2L. I like the fullness of the Dynavector and the detail of the Lyra. So I want something that will give me both. I am looking at Lyra Kleos, , Soundsmith Paula Mk2. The Soundsmith is attractive for their reasonable re-build  policy. 

Is my space deck up to the task? Question for Nottingham experts only; Is it worth adding a wave mechanic or would I be better off selling my Spacedeck and looking for a used Space 294.


Dear @jsbail  : Lyra Kleos is really good quality performer that you will like a lot after the first 50 hours of play.


Second alternative is the Dyna XV-1s.. I own both.



Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


Hi Raul! Half off-thread - I enjoyed the long MM thread & I enjoy using a B&O MMC 2 on my ET2 arm. Do you have a photograph or a drawing of the way you have bypassed the B&O-adapter electrically? Thanks in advance... :-)

Dear @pegasus  : B&O designed and build very good cartridges as the one you own.

A s for your question you can do it only with removable headshell tonearms, sorry.



Thanks! - But still, do you have a drawing / photograph?
I think there are other ways to achieve it with other tonearms too.
To see you solution might help.