And the "Best" Dynaudio monitor is...?

They've built quite a few monitors over the years. The C1 seems to be getting a lot of press recently but is it the "best" monitor they've built? For the money they should be but.....are they?
Color me crazy, but I feel that the current Focus 140 is a dynamite bookshelf speaker for the money. That said, I agree with the majority here re the C1's. They're first-rate monitors.
When Dynaudio first introduced the Special 25th anniversary speakers I ended up giving them a good long listen right after the top line Merlin speakers that I was inicially interested in.
Returned to the dealer the following day with more of my favorite music and ended up purchasing a pair.
I left the store with over 50% of my speaker budget still in my wallet, sorry to offend any Merlin owners reading this, that was the out come.

The 25s are without a dought a very good speaker as are the C1s which I heard breifly last year.
Both produce a huge sound for their size and both present music very well.

I found vacuum tube amps to be very well suited for Dynaudio speakers.
Atma-Spheres MA-1 monos or the M60s are a fabulous match for these speakers.
You owners of the 25s or C1s have to hear these speakers driven with either one of these amps.