Anticable Cables: what do you like about them thread?

I thought that I would start this thread.  I do not like the other thread.
good and clear!
Those cables are directional 🔜 right? 😳
... I was simply pointing out that their performance may be connected to the fact that Anti Cables are controlled for directionality during the manufacturing process. 
... In case I wasn’t clear, what I like about them without hearing them is the fact they’re controlled for directionality. 🔜 🤗

Thought that I would bump this thread as I am fairly certain that Anticable have received more best in show awards.
I just wanted to share my experience with Paul (the owner) of Anticables. My experience with him was actually related to Spatial audio speakers rather than his cables, as he is a demo site and dealer for Spatial Audio. I spoke to Paul regarding coming to audition the speakers and he was extremely friendly and invited me to his home where the speakers are set up. I had to change the day of the audition due to unforeseen issues and moved it back to the following day. Paul was getting ready and packing for the show out in DC that is going on right now, but still fit me into his schedule.

I came to his home and was greeted by him and his very sweet wife, Judy. Paul led me to his listening room and set me up in there with all of his equipment and let me use his own personal system to check out the speakers. He even brought me dinner while I was listening!

In the end I'm not sure that the Spatial Audio speakers were for me, but all I can say is that Paul is an extremely friendly and awesome guy. If you are considering purchasing Spatial Audio speakers or cables from his business Anticables, you cannot work with a better guy. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase anything from him, and I am very confident that if you had any issues he would take care of you.
" tomcarr, yes, its called parallel Bi-wire. i got it from the Anti-cable site under FAQ. All i know is that it works, all it cost me to try it was 36.00 bucks. i clearly heard a difference with the jumpers and preferred it that way. Greg "  

For many years I have been bi-wiring without jumpers.  A few years ago, in an email exchange with Paul, he recommended adding the jumpers.  I recall being skeptical and did not try it (though I had no knowledge or facts as to why it wouldn't work).

For some reason, I decided to try this.  Last night I made a set of jumpers out of some 12 GA OCC wire and gold/copper bananas.  This morning I added the jumpers.

I prefer bi-wiring with the jumpers.