Any Audioquest Firebird powercord or Silver Cloud users?

As the title suggested... I am looking for opinions on these special Audioquest powercords... (so not the Firebird speakercables!)
The Firebird Source, the Firebird High Current and the Silver Cloud... anyone owns them, or tested them against others? What is your opinion? they seem to be much less welknown then the other cables of the Audioquest Storm and Wind range of powercables... Which triggers my interest as they both use a mix of copper and silver.
I do have one high current 20A Audioquest Firebird. I cannot compare it to a Dragon since I did not have the chance to test one but compared to the Hurricane which is very popular, I think it is more refined. It's hard to describe but I think it is not as saturated as the Hurricane (in a good way). The Hurricane is a cable that has a very strong personality if I can use that term. Strong bass, nice mids and highs, more 'in your face' so to speak and that is why many people love it because it has a presence that is not subtle at all. When I replaced one Hurricane (I have 2 other Hurricane in my system) with a Firebird, my initial thoughts were: it is more detailed and more 3D soundstage wise. Noise floor has decreased as well which is impressive as I had the impression my system was dead quiet already (have a Shunyata Denali V2). It keeps the benefits of the Hurricane but with a more refined and relaxed presentation. I do realize I'm not very good at describing a sound signature lol. Hopefully that is still helpful. Personally, I did not regret purchasing the Firebird. It is a better cable overall with the only downside that it is VERY stiff.