Any High-end speakers "kid-friendly" not fragile?

OK. Crazy question. Have friend who wants to set-up nice system in multi-purpose 17x22 room where kids will play. Wants to know if there are any hi-end spkrs (budget $5k-10k used) where the drivers are not so fragile or so expensive to replace (ie, he doesn't want B&W diamond tweeter that is both very fragile and costs $1200 or more to replace). Now, mind you, his kids aren't playing with knives, lol, but the occasional bump or finger touch to paper cones, metal dome tweeters are a concern. Any sugestions?
Love my Gallo 3.1 sound but I had one knocked over by my dog. Forget kid friendly.
Jeffkad- I have soundlab m2's and would not want any kids near them with sharp objects or even poking fingers;A kids toy hit in the area between the magnets would go right thru the mylar;either way I would not consider ESL speakers with kids;thats just my opinion though;it would be a costly repair.
If you do go that way I would have a custom sock made that would cover the panel for protection;that's the only protection you could do without moving them to a secure area when not being used;even with a sock covering penatration is still a concern.
Jeff, count me in on the pro-Martin Logan side. I got a pair specifically as a kid-friendly choice when my first child was just starting to crawl. ML are very sturdy and the panel itself is hard to destroy. I've heard that the panel will still play with holes punched in it. After several years mine were in excellent shape when I sold them--no issues, and there were plenty of kiddos running around!

Only issues were that they needed to be securely spiked through carpet, and the black finish on the sides and back seemed to mar easily.
My then 2-yr old walked up to my Quads and wiped his nose on the grill cloth. I should do the same thing to his iPod now, although it'll be much easier to clean. Moral: no audio gear is kid friendly.
Kid-friendly is different than kid-proof. I'd recommend any floor standing speaker with a large footprint (can't be knocked over). When not in use keep the speaker grills on. Makes sure the cable connection is inaccessible and can securely keep the connection in the event of someone tugging/tripping on the cable. It's also my opinion that a speaker that can be place very close to the wall is more kid-friendly than one that requires freestanding placement.