Any High End Tube Preamps with *gasp tone controls?

After dropping in a vintage Scott 222C into my system while my amp was out for repair I'm really missing the tone controls now that my amplifier is back. It seems sacrilegious but I just can't get the bass where I want it without a bit of boost plus I'm sure my hearing is changing as I get older so why not be flexible... even if it results in me being thrown out of the audiophile club.


MQ-36 with the Lamm beats all the other combos. It doesn't require any tone controls. Great match with my speakers! Never heard an OTL amp other than a unsuccessful week with a Futterman 20 years ago. This is a great turn of events...

So the OTL was too forward. Fatiguing. Turned my LPs into CDs.

The end of the story is that I bought a used Ayon Crossfire III. File this under "you get what you pay for". Higher power SET is the answer to all my problems. All the bass I could need. Expensive but totally worth it, even before the NOS tubes have arrived.