Any problems with Springsteens DualDisc?

I've got Springsteens new cd on order with Amazon and its a dualdisc, which, from what I've read does not quite meet Redbook standards. What should I expect? Damage to my Cary 303/200 or my Toshiba DVD player? What kind of sound quality?

I did do a quick search on the forums before writing this note, and I could not tell exactly whether the folks who wrote were experienceing problems with dualdisc or there was just anger in the perception that Sony was taking up the cause of dualdisc in place of SACD.

What's really going on?

Even better, make those CD-Rs devoid of the copy control and then distribute copies widely to all your friends or even in front of your favorite record store.

I still don't think Sony-BMG will get the message. Unfortunately, they keep forcing new technology on their customers, without regard as to whether it can be used in all CD players. Hopefully, DualDisc will suffer a quick death.
I will never buy one!not even up to redbook standards!what were they thinking when they came out with this format?The music industry keeps shooting themselves in the foot,then blames music downloaders for low sales,,,geez!I remember when my friends and i would make copys on 8 track then cass. and the music industry was doing fine,,granted a computer is faster,,i think greed and stupidity is hurting the industry much more than downloading!Hmm,,yeah,i feel better now!
I got a double disk (separate CD & DVD-A) version from that seems to be out of the UK, but the disk was shipped from Hong Kong. $16.98 if I remember correctly. Seems that some of the music being put out in the US as dual disk is showing up on this much better double disk format elsewhere.
I bought this Dualdisc because it was the only way to get the Springsteen album. Otherwise I'd kind of be wary.

Which leads to...

Do you any of you know if there is a LP version? I was able to get an LP version of his last album. Alas, I forget now where I got it. : - (


Not that I am that crazy about the CD, it was released as a CD only in Canada and could be obtained online if you so desired. But, I agree it really bugs me when record companies unilaterally decide to release certain recordings exclusively with these new technologies (i.e. DualDisc, CopyControlled discs), not giving a crap that they cannot be played flawlessly on all CD or multiformat players.


I must say, I have seriously toyed with going partly back to vinyl for this and other reasons. Yet, I then come to reality when I realize why I was happy to abandon vinyl in the 1980s. Although, I am certain if I spent enough on a TT (etc) and tinkered enough the result would blow my emmlabs out of the water.