Anybody Own the Technics SL- G700 SACD Player?

Although I am very happy with my Oppo 105 (product release 8+ years ago now?) that I upgraded the LPM and EIC + pure silver ground maybe 2 years ago, I just came across the SL- G700, and the specs look amazing. A true dual mono with XLRs for $3000. So, I am curious as my 105 is the oldest product in my system. Could the SL G700be that much better? My primary uses is Red book, SACD, and DVD-A discs.

If you own one, how long ago, what did you replace it with... does it play DVD-As

Is it compatible with Amazon Music HD (Hi-res)?
 Via  chromecast Amazon music HD does NOT support Hi-res... only native OS do it!
As far as I know the only native App-streamers are
Heos (Denon/Marantz)
BlueOS ( Blue Node streamer)
Does anybody knows if Amazon (HD) will be included in future in other apps-technologies?
Hi everyone! I just bought one, but I do have a question. It’s normal for this player to make some clicking noise when the unit is powering up! And sometimes I load a disc and it shows no disc on the display, I have to re-open the tray, move the disc and then closed the tray for the player to read the disc! 
Yes they do make some clicking noises and that is normal.
If the CD is not put in tray properly oriented, it will not read it
till repositioned.
They are slow to respond units but they sound glorious.