Anybody using studio near-fields Mini monitors as home minis?

On stands away from the wall? I realize the nearfield speakers will have a much tighter dispersion pattern but curious if over 8-12 feet if they open up? Given built in Amps designed for the cabinet they look like winners? Currently looking at the Adams Audio A7X. looks similar to the SVS powered minis.
I use ATC SCM20ASL Pro Mk II active speakers in my studio. I could live happily with them in any of my listening rooms. Would probably want to add subs though.
Do you have them away 2-3 feet away from the rear wall and corners set up like home speaks? My listening seat is about 11 feet from my speaker plane and will not change. So that is my only concern. I happen to like the sound of ruler flat for the speaks hence big Dunlavy fan. But my concern is lack of dispersion for mids and Highs past 5 feet from the speaker plane. It makes a lot of sense a built in AMP built that is designed for the speaks and cabinet. they are even Bi amping them nowadays and yes I already have a stereo subwoofer set up waiting for my minis at my Summer pad in Mexico.Ill take a look at the ATCs but just from the name may be more than I want to spend on Minis for a second pad. I heard a pair of ATCs a long time ago and they were fantastic.Ideally I would like to be sub 1K but could reach to 1500 for just right.