Anyone familiar with Onix amplifier?

I met a gentleman who had an Onix -125 integrated amp and another larger Onix amp. He was singing their praises, but said they are made in England and quit distribution in the US. Curious if anyone is familiar with them, has heard them, and can give an example of what other brands/quality they may be similar to. How high end are they?  The look nice with gold colored knows sort of like elecrocompaniet or coda integrated. I'm just curious about the brand and sound.


i'm using an onix a150 in my office system and i like it just fine--very powerful, reliable and free from glare. soundwise, i'd liken it to nad or marantz--sorta tubey and analogue sounding, but also detailed--i prefer it to the rotel and arcam which preceded it, both of which had more coloration. as a brand, it's somewhat under the radar and good value used.