Anyone used Plinius SA250 in monoblock mode?

The SA250 is supposed to provide no less than 1000 wpc in bridged mono mode. Does anyone have any experience with how the amp sounds when used in this mode, with speakers of various impedances? On a technical level: What would happen to the level of class A (as opposed to AB) output when used in this way?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
I have never run my SA 250 bridged in mono,nor have I had the opportunity to hear them as such, so I can't be of much help. However, the second part of your question can best be answered by shooting an email over to Peter Thomson at Plinius NZ. I have asked Peter lots of questions regarding my amp and he never fails to answer and provide great and friendly info. He really knows his stuff. You can email him at:

Good luck with your quest...Regards-Ken
i emailed peter the same question regarding the class a output of the sa-102 in monoblock mode and he stated that they are still 125 watts in class a even in monoblock mode. he stated that if they output their full 460+ watts in class a, they would need forced air cooling or enormous heat sinks.