Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?

I'm looking for some feedback about using a Class D amp 
with speakers that use ribbon tweeters. 

Anyone have any experience? How do they sound?

At least 3-4 years ago I was still believing that ribbon tweeters 
were not a good mix with Class D b/c of the sibilance it produced from the tweeters.

But now we have gone from ICE modules to NCore, Pascal, etc 
and other proprietary designs (Dig Amp Co) that may not be so bright, digital etch, etc

Anyone know about using more modern Class D amps with 
ribbon tweeters while having better control of the high frequencies?
Thx E. Which Class D amp are you using?

i was not familiar with the AMTs, looked them up. Look nice. 

Ive actually got a pair of Dali Helicon 400s with ribbon tweeters. I’m not sure about the the transformer with the ribbons, but these speakers were made around 2007. 

1graber2...Sure you can ask. I am using the Merrill Audio Veritas mono block amps driving the Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mark II's. A little piece of heaven...  
I listened to NuPrimes some years ago (2010), 
at that time, I wasn't too impressed, and unfortunately wrote them off.
Unfortunately b/c now apparently they have received many compliments. Will have to try them out again ....
Would be worth the effort as like all the Class D modules they have improved a great deal over the years.