Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?

I have two PS Audio AC3 and two Pangea AC 14 cables I don't use.  My thinking is that Ayre wouldn't supply cables that are inadequate for their components.  Is that thinking flawed?

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My new Anthem STR came with a two blade plug and two blade IEC connector on the amp. It has the CE, RoHS,FCC , cTUVus, certifications on it. In case you don't know the cTUVus is a direct replacement of UL and CSA marks.

Why would one disconnect grounding? Wasn't it placed there for some safety reason?

My amplifier and CD player (same brand) came with two-pronged cord and connector on the devices. I am not sure what certifications they have, but they are from a relatively reputable manufacturer. I somehow doubt they cut corners there. My music server, from different but still well-known manufacturer, has three-pronged connection.

glupson, your question would be best answered by you're researching a little bit of electric power distribution history in the United States.

I don't know how old you are, but there was a time when there was no such thing as a three prong plug or a three hole receptacle.

During the transition, many folks received mild electric shocks ;~)
During the transition, many folks received mild electric shocks ;~)

>>>>One can’t help wondering if that might help curtail the anger and whining here?