ART Loudspeakers: US Dealers?

Does anyone know if there are any US dealers for ART Loudspeakers (specifically the Skibo model)? ART's website ( has no information...emails went unanswered...
You may need to contact a dealer in UK like Audio Consultants, Reading (0118 981 9891) who may give you a clue at how to go about contacting the owner. Often times, many websites are admnistered by webmasters who exercise editorial freedom and may not/never forward email to the appropriate people. Sad but true.
Finally did get a response from ART:


Hello there

Thank you for your persistance and I am sorry for no reply.
At the moment we are in discussion with a Distributor for North America but feel this could take some months.If you would like to purchase a pair of Skibos direct from us then this would be possible.Please contact me if this is of interest to you.

Best Regards Derek Dunlop ART Loudspeakers


Can any UK members comment on/review these speakers? Thanks.
Hi, just read your thread about the Skibos. I was lucky myself to pick up a pair of the Skibos on Audiogon last year, I picked them up sight unheard after contacting the Sugden company who produce the A21a integrated amp to see which speakers they recommended as an excellent match. They recommended three speakers - the Proac reference 8 sig and the 1sc and the Skibo. They have also been reviewed in Hi Fi News paired with Sugden. I have to say they are an awesome speaker - very detailed, beautiful imagery and firm convincing bass. I especially like them on vocals and jazz. There only short coming is on very heavy bass rock - but I plan on picking up a Rel subwoofer. They are a very sensitive speaker - my Sugden produces only 25 W and they rock pretty loud. I have a very big loft and they fill the room well. My only concern is that I think I annoyed the Scots at Art by asking them tonnes of questions - they thought they were going to make a sale and I was just fishing for info because I saw them used on Audiogon - when I told them I had bought them they were pretty browned off...oh well, hope this has been of some use - feel free to contact me with any questions.