Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!

Asking for help and step by step (bullet format) guidance please.

Here is the issue.  Purchased a new car for the wife.  No CD player in the car. 

(I'm a analog type person, but have a smartphone, laptop computer, and external DVD/CD drive, and of reasonable intelligence.)

I have a lot of 'homemade CD's' that I really, really, like.

How do I go about getting this music to play in the car?

Something to do with 'ripping' the CD's to my computer?

How do you get the music from the computer post ripped to your smartphone and then to your car.  
(Car does have bluetooth capability,  my phone is linked into the car.)

Thanks in advance!  I appreciate the help and guidance.



for music on the go, I’m not gonna be to fussy as to want lossless content playback.

with that in mind….

leave the CDs in the house. they don’t do well in the heat.

quick answer:
iphone or Android…. get an Apple music subscription and install the app on your phones.

use Alexis or google assistant. if they now allow personal content to be uploaded/shared.

essentially all you need is to have your desired content available outside the home.

its already been ripped and hopefully is still being stored locally, as you have made CDs from those files.

one minor concern going forward might be the file type. and if its lossy or lossless, or small or large files sizes?

most any cloud service can enable access to your content once they have been uploaded to it. .

some media apps incorporate cloud file storage and management

Perhaps someone here knows of a few that are easy or inexpensive and will chime in.

another way could be to buy a portable music player that supports Blue Tooth or allows for attachment to a mobile device. there are a few around that have on board storage and DA conversion which support many file types. then all you need to do is to load the portable device with the content and remember to take it with you and have its batteries charged up.

if the amount of the content is not immense, one could simply load them onto the mobile phone and be done.

I would prefer this method as it will not depend on wireless connectivity, and it seems, a more secure way to keep my private stuff, private.


Have you investigated the capabilities of the audio system in the car? My 2017 Toyota has Bluetooth and various other inputs to the audio system, one being a USB. Haven't tried it yet, but from looking at the car's manual, it appears that I can just put music files on a flash drive, then plug and play in the car.