Asking for help - Please! How to play CD's in car with no CD player!

Asking for help and step by step (bullet format) guidance please.

Here is the issue.  Purchased a new car for the wife.  No CD player in the car. 

(I'm a analog type person, but have a smartphone, laptop computer, and external DVD/CD drive, and of reasonable intelligence.)

I have a lot of 'homemade CD's' that I really, really, like.

How do I go about getting this music to play in the car?

Something to do with 'ripping' the CD's to my computer?

How do you get the music from the computer post ripped to your smartphone and then to your car.  
(Car does have bluetooth capability,  my phone is linked into the car.)

Thanks in advance!  I appreciate the help and guidance.

If you are going to convert your CDs get Foobar2000, it is free.

Here is a guide on converting from FLAC (same process for other original file formats) to MP3 (includes steps for installing MP3 decoder). For encoding bit rate I would suggest 192KHz VBR (variable bit rate) with a 44.1K sample rate, good compromise between file size and sound quality.

You can also edit the file Tag info (Artist, Album, Track, Artwork, etc) with Foobar2000.

(time for a small vent from a 60's something year old.....AM was simple, FM was simple, Vinyl was simple, 8 track was simple, cassette was simple, CD's were simple. What the heck happened????)

Plenty of info one click away. I have a 256GB iPhone, it's really nice carrying around a large portion of my music library in lossless FLAC format.
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Hi Everyone!
Thanks to all who helped me out!
I was successful!
Used Steve Jobs software (iTunes)
to copy 7 CD's and put them onto the 
mini 'fingernail' drive which was recommended.
Once I got the hang of the apple software the
process went rather quickly.
Installed in car and working!!
Thanks again to a great group!