Audio Electronic Super Amp MkII bias setting

I service all manner of hifi equipment. I like to focus on vintage, but I'll service whatever pays the bills. I have a Audio Electronic Super Amp MkII on the bench, needed a complete retube. Now to set the bias. I replaced the KT77's with the same, now to set the bias. I've worked on Cary before, they usually had a 1/4" jack and pot for each channel (200 ma for KT88). this only has one spigot and one pot. How do you do both channels? I've made my own jig. Does anyone have the bias setting procedure? I can't find an owners or service manual anywhere.
Moon Audio handles Dennis Had's latest designs.  They may be able to offer contact info: (   Upscale Audio has also handled his pieces and may be able to advise you on biasing the AES: (
Adjust the whole thing at 120 MA
 The one jack handles both channels
 Best JohnnyR