Audio Hype!!

Well I have to be honest,I love high end equipment and all the fun tweaking,and trading,and trying out new stuff. However, it has much hype behind it because I think that we all understand by now that--we are never totally happy with any one piece of gear. By hype I mean we read great reviews of some cable and the miracles that it is suppose to create,but we know deep down(if you have any experiance in this hobby)that it never stands up to our expectations once we use it for some period of time--that is just an example but I believe this holds true to all equipment--and then we sell and try the next flavor of the week which is normally just a side step VS. an upgrade of the last piece we owned. Its a vicious cycle does it ever end?(I know that question is like asking why the earth exists and there is no answer)However, my question is have we just created this illusion of what we wish 99% of the products out their should do, while at the same time damaging our checkbooks to prove the illusion wrong?
I agree Perfectimage, I believe it isn't a matter of complacency, I think it is what we are exposed to which determines whether we are happy. Some guys find it hard to believe that a simple power cord will affect the sound to the level that it does, while others are replacing the internal wiring on thier point to point wired amplifiers, all in the quest for sound. What bothers me are the guys that know the difference, are unable to obtain the component or wiring and take the sour grape attitude. Life is pretty cruel to some. What this has to do with the original thread, I'm not sure. But it needed to be said.
Jacks, my man, I'm not sure where you are coming from but I assure you I am not taking a sour grapes attitude. I design and build my amps and preamps to play music the way I hear it live and am totally satisifed with the result.

I have owned some very high priced and well received gear (I was a corporate executive who was well paid prior to retirement)that was totally disappointing. In my retirement I have returned to my electronic roots and can assure you that any competent DIYer can build something that will outperform the rip-offs down at High End Inc.

Throw away the 'Pile, TA$, Ultimate Envy and all the rest and buy a copy of the the Radiotron Designer's Handbook. Trust me, you will cry at the $$$$$ you have wasted on crap that doesn't and can't make a difference.

V=IR. It's the law, man. Just do it!

(BTW, if a power cord radically affects the sound, you own a component with a poorly designed power supply.)
Tell me Psieg, what have you done differently to your power supply that differs from the Radiotron Designers Book and hasn't already been attempted and accomplished from the multiple manufacturers out there now, and in the past?

By the way, I've been to the DIY shows and have heard the DIY amps and pre-amps. I'll gladly spend my money ...
I think the DIY guys are passionate about what they do, I have a close friend who makes his own gear which sounds very good. Something created from you own plans/hands always sounds better to you. My kids are better looking, smarter etc than yours. But like Jacks, I've been to the shows and heard many DIY systems, and well..... If something sounds better to you, and you have the recources to obtain it, great. If you have the time to DIY and you love it, great. To each his own. Personally, what with time constraints and all, if I've got a few spare hours of free time, I'd rather listen. And instead of picking up the soldering iron, I'll tee it up.
Jacks, I don't really think you would understand. Your question isn't even phrased correctly. As for the comment about DIY shows, whay am I not surprised?