Audio Research Ref 5 and Krell amps


Just wondering if ARC Ref 5 preamp will mate well with Krell FPB 450 MCX monoblocks. My speakers are Revel Salon 2.
Boisehomes, I tried an LS26 with my Krell FPB400cx, running 10T's. It replaced a VTL tube pre at the bottom of the VTL line. It was very disappointing. The mid's were very nice, but the deep low end that 10T's are capable of disappeared. Really anemic. I sold it and got a Krell KCT. The bottom end came back in spades, and it's really smooth, though I'll admit I lost some midrange magic. I'm thinking that a Ref5 might do the trick to get both, but that budget's a little ways off.
I was just here where you are: Krell MXC350 monos

purchased a pre-owned AR Ref5. Back to back comparison to the Krell HTS 7.1. Took some listening. The Wilson WP7 have had a hard, bright, edge to the high range. Ref 5 removed that edge. Some music was fatiguing and I could not put my finger on why. the highs now are humm buttery maybe, more musical, more organic less harsh. in any event the sound has improved although back to back was required. Bass however was a very pleasant surprise. The krell was muddy (dare I say that about krell) as compared. the Ref 5 brought a lot more punch and very good low hertz definition. Some tracks on Stanley Clark Bass Days no longer have a muddy thump but now have a very discernible pluck of the bass , not there before. Is the Ref5 a huge change, no, is it worth the dollar upgrade, to me yes ( my wife, no). However I can now listen without the fatigue and that makes it worth the investment to me. I agree with the previous post, a bought a 20 % improvement