Audio Research SP-5

After an absence of many years I am looking to get back into the stereo game again. I’m starting with a pair of Dynaco Mk III mono amps and now looking for a suitable preamp with a phono stage (most important). Trying to keep my budget to $1,000-$1,500 and looking at the Conrad Johnson Classic 2 (tube) or the ARC SP-5 (SS). I’d like to hear some opinions if you have experience with either preamp, or maybe both! Or if you have other suggestions I’m open to that too.

Thanks for reading and giving me your thoughts.
I agree with roberjerman because I have an SP5 that I have owned for at least 25 years but not listened to in a long time. The other issue with this vintage of solid state preamps (SP4 & SP5) is they use the proprietary Analog Modules which ARC no longer supports. The phono stage went out on my SP5 and I doubt it can be fixed any more due to the lack of availability of the Analog Modules.