Audionet Pre G2

Do you use the Audionet Pre G2? How do you like it?
I have a full Audionet stack (save digital stuff) and it is excellent (as objective as I can be...). I had Pass before that and some tube electronics but Audionet is in a different league. It is very dynamic and musical , and the presentation is very engaging. 


can you talk about the Pass Labs gear that you owned?

Audionet is pretty serious Audiophile equipment.

Happy Listening!

I had XA 60.5 amps with several preamps (MC, bel canto and auditioned also Pass xp-20 and ARC ref 5). The Pass equipment is nice but could not pull the juice out of my Vivid speakers. Audionet is a total different ball game...
I'll have a demo G2 by this Tuesday.  Will report back later on the performance.  Have high hopes and expectations.