Aurender A-10

Has anyone heard the new Aurender A-10 yet?  It is basically a N100h media player paired with a DAC as a one box solution.  I am curious as to how the DAC section of this piece performs since this seems to be Aurender's first foray into the DAC world.  I was originally going to get the Aurender N100h and an outboard DAC such as the Moon 280D or the Audio Alchemy DDP1.  I'm wondering if the A10 combo will sound just as good???

I have owned an A-10 for a year now. As a stand alone its sounds very good. I have it mated with a Micro Zotl 2.0s and have just upgraded my cables to Audience Au24SX. Mated with Odyssey Kismet Monos and Magico S3 speakers it sounds pretty damn good. It replaced a  Aurender N100>Oppo 105 with full Modwright tube mods and it absolutely kills it.

My friend brought over his Yggy and we A-B and there was not a preference. Ran the Usb out to the yggy so just had to flip the input switch on the preamp and levels were matched. 

The Absolute sound review was the first I saw that was not absolutely excited about it.

Here are a few reviews.

So you can see a lot of positive press.

Full blown MQA is a nice bonus.  I replaced the Oppo 105 with a Oppo 103 and use that as a digital preamp which runs to the digital in

of the Aurender. You Tube, Cable, etc all sound outstanding in a 2 channel system.

I think it is a great piece. There was a unit for 4800 that sold in a few days here so looks like it is going to hold its value. 

I think the street price is under 5K so it pays to shop.

Good luck with your decision  


I recently bought the Aurender A-10 and it is the best 2 channel music I've ever had. It runs through the balanced outputs into my Classe SSP-800, where all the processing is bypassed on the way to my Martin Logan towers. But over the years, i've become addicted to the Classe's superb processing modes. So i plan to also get a USB to Optical converter and run that through the Classe as separate input. Does anyone know if the Aurender will output sound simultaneously through the USB and the balanced outputs?    
Many great reviews and there quite accurate.Stereophile reviewer poor guy doesnt even know how to use the machines power down procedure.I love this machine and if you like convienience and the fact it does all three things extremely well its a no brainer.Ive had a few higer end dacs in my day and feel this is a very good dac and I just enjoy listening to music through it.I actually use elac navis in pure analog mode actives so its about the simplist system one can hope for with nothing in the signal path. My analog front end is much more costly and sounds great but to be honest I enjoy this simple setup more.Im contemplating saying bye bye to vinyl as this combo is so great in my room.An epiphany and real eye opener