Aurender - creating an offline list of music

I'm looking for a way to create an offline list of the albums I have on my aurender server. Not to listen, only to see the contents

My challenge is when I'm at the store wondering do I Have this or not? Would be so helpful to be able to pull out my phone or tablet and do a quick search while away from home.

Right now the only option I can think of is to parse the drive from a computer and dump the directory structure to a file, maybe a spreadsheet.  That just seems too much of a pain.

Anyone have a better solution?

@doitwithlife, I am not aware of any Aurender option to create a list, or Excel file, etc. of your stored albums. I am also not aware of any third party software that does this.

Since the Aurender albums are available from your computer, can you find a programmer to write a computer program to create your album list? The program needs to access the albums on Aurender Music1 and Music2 and output the needed content to an Excel File (or ASCII Flat file).

There are several questions that I cannot answer. Does the Aurender stored content include the artist name, album name and whatever other information you might need? Once the Excel File (or ASCII Flat file) is created, you can sort it, as needed, view it on your phone, etc.

I sold my Aurender N10 Server and am waiting for my Aurender N20 to arrive (best guess is mid-November). I suggest you access Music1 on you Aurender and determine if the above information is easily available. Please keep us posted.
@doitwithlife, Please contact Doug at Dougs Scripts.   He has written hundreds of scripts for the MAC Computer that manages playlists, tracks, etc.   Please see:

I have used his Script several times when I was building my album file for my Aurender.  He might be willing to create a Script for you that accesses your Aurender Content and create an ASCII flat file like you requested above.     

I am sure other Aurender users (I would be) might be interested in an Aurender Create ASCII Flat File script and he can sell it.  Please keep us posted.  
Thanks for the input. Nice to get a clear answer that Aurender doesn't have have this functionality. 

I looked into CLZ and I would need to get both the home and mobile app which sucks.

I did go to the only Music shop in our area, Northern Idaho, and was dismayed by the lack of used disks. Also prices have gotten to the point where I can get high res versions for about the same price. I doing this I don't have the need I thought I would for remote lists.

I don't use the Aurender manager instead just access Music 1 to organize and fix tags. Also windows and android based which limits Aurender support.

I the past I've just done a directory redirect to a flat file and then loaded into a spreadsheet.  I've organized Music 1 to mistly support this. Just a bit heavy handed. Direct access to the Aurender DB based on tags would be perfect but not an option it seems.

Using a dos script would be pretty basic. Something like

Dir 'options' > mymusic.txt. then load into excel or similar.  If someone is interested I can figure out the options values and post

Hey, just run this idea by Ari @ Aurender. He may have some suggestions.