Aurender N10 - Sound quality performance is erratic

I am having problems with my N10. Some days it plays amazingly good, other days good and some days not good at all.

I live very near Aurender in SoCal and so I took my unit in for service and they provided me with a loaner. The first session after I put the loaner in the system was all-time good. Then the next day wasn't all that great. Then the next two days were good but no great. Anyway, this is just weird. Both N10s appear to exhibit this erratic behavior.

My internet is ATT DSL at 24Mbps and that has been suggested as the culprit (I was thinking about calling and asking them to give me a trial at 50 or 100 Mbps to see if the increased speed will eliminate the problem - 24Mbps is fast enough I almost never seen buffering in Netflix). It has been suggested that I get hi-speed cable to solve this problem and get rid of the twisted pairs on the phone line. I have tried a DSL filter and it hasn't seemed to help, assuming I've got it installed correctly.

So have any of you N10 users had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?
FYI - Today brought another amazing listening session with sound quality seemingly as good as it has ever been for me. I said yesterday that I hoped tomorrow will be the same, well it was. BTW, I have not performed any other updates since 10/22 but I did take back the loaner N10 and picked up my repaired N10. According to Aurender, the player had a grounding issue and also one of the SSD drives needed to be replaced. I drove home and put it in the system and had to leave for an hour or so and it was playing tracks while I was away. I sat down after I got home and wow, REAL music was playing. I didn't want to stop listening it was so good. When the music is this good, I can't help but be happy.

FYI - I do have the Conductor app set to HiFi and also checked for updates a few minutes ago and it says that I'm already up to date. Thanks for the recommendation.

BTW, you wouldn't believe the SQ on Tidal for redbook quality files using the N10. It can be staggeringly good. For me it is so worth the $20/month fee and the cost of the server. Savings well spent.
While I like using Tidal in HiFi - 44.1 quality for auditioning music on my Aurender N10, adding MQA to the N10 for less than $50 brought my sound quality up to where I really enjoy the sound. I have a MQA DAC and non MQA DAC. Tidal MQA streamed via the N10 sounds fantastic in both DACs.
I bought the $50 MQA app the day the N10 was installed. On the few MQA  tracks I've played it seems to make a positive difference vs the redbook file. But I do note 44.1 redbook files that are recorded well do play amazingly. I still consider myself new to this but all the best sounding tracks I know are not MQA and the vast majority are redbook.
UPDATE - Day 2 / Oct 25 with the repaired N10 - Was really good again and mostly similar to Oct 24. I very much enjoyed my listening session and I am hoping and praying that this is the new normal.

Again, I really appreciate all posters comments and suggestions.